Selling your Business?

At BlackHaus Holding Company, our primary focus is on acquiring companies specializing in Waste Management services for Residential, Commercial, Construction, and Medical sectors. Our mission goes beyond financial metrics; we actively seek profitable businesses within Waste Management targeting annual revenues ranging from $1 to $10 million. We aim not just to expand our portfolio, but to nurture and enhance the legacy of these enterprises.

Our approach involves preserving the essence of what makes your company successful while fostering a thriving and supportive culture for your team. Join us on this journey where the preservation of your company's heritage and the well-being of your team are central to our partnership.

Our Criteria

Target Sector: Waste Management Services for Residential, Commercial, Construction, and Medical Sectors

We specialize in comprehensive waste management services, encompassing garbage collection, trash removal, and efficient waste management practices for Residential, Commercial, Construction, and Medical sectors. Reach out if you're advancing sustainability through waste management.

Valuation Focus:

Established Revenue

We're keen on businesses with a proven track record, showcasing annual revenues from $1M to $10M, with an optimal range of $3M to $5M. If your venture has thrived for over five years, let's discuss scaling your success further.

Target Location:

Southeast & Tax-Advantaged States

Prioritizing the Southeast and low-tax states, we’re looking for businesses that align with our strategic regional goals. Is your company a fit? Let’s talk.

From Shawn C. O'Neil - the CEO of Blackhaus

As the CEO of Black Haus Holding Company, my vision is to cultivate an empire of excellence, to lead with a balance of astute business acumen and unwavering ethical standards.

We strive to redefine the small business acquisition landscape, not merely by the breadth of our portfolio but by the depth of our influence, instilling a culture of honor and integrity in each endeavor.

Our pursuit goes beyond the transactional; we aim to forge a legacy where every company under our aegis benefits from our commitment to exceptional service and servant leadership. It’s not enough to succeed in business; we must elevate those around us—our employees, our partners, and the communities we serve.

Black Haus will stand as a beacon of corporate stewardship, where investor returns are synonymous with social advancement. As we chart our course towards becoming a paragon in the industry, let us be guided by the principle that to whom much is given, much is expected. In this spirit, our leadership will carry the torch of philanthropy, illuminating the path for others to follow.

Together, we will build not just a company, but a dynasty, where every chapter of our story is marked by the indelible ink of transformative change, the kind that leaves an enduring impact on the world. This is our mission, our pledge, and our journey—a crusade of dignity, aiming for the pinnacle of corporate success paired with humanistic progress.

About Shawn C. O'Neil

Shawn C. O’Neil, an MBA holder, is a dynamic leader with a rich background in military service, financial services, home services, logistics, and business consultancy. As the driving force behind Black Haus, a diversified holding company, he excels in strategic re-engineering and entrepreneurial mentorship. His military experience as a Combat Infantryman in the U.S. Marines and a K-9 Handler in the U.S. Army instilled in him a spirit of servant leadership, crucial to his business approach. Skilled in critical thinking and transformative leadership, Shawn has a Bachelor’s in Financial Economics and an MBA in Entrepreneurship.

His expertise spans across several industries, leading to significant business growth and client satisfaction. As a Senior Business Consultant, he excels in aiding businesses in challenging economic conditions, with a proven track record of impressive returns on investment. Shawn's vast experience includes P&L management, strategic planning, and guiding companies through major transitions. At Black Haus, he continues to drive success by merging his diverse experiences to address complex economic challenges with innovative and effective solutions.

What's the process?

Step - 1

Schedule Your Initial Consultation

Start the conversation about selling your business by booking a discreet, no-obligation call with us. This initial discussion is a key step for small business owners looking to transition out, allowing us to explore your business’s unique value and your aspirations for its future under new ownership.

Step - 2

Due Diligence and Discovery

Following a signed NDA, we'll delve into a detailed evaluation of your business. You'll be invited to share key information, enabling us to thoroughly assess the opportunity. This step is crucial for crafting a comprehensive and fair offer, tailored to the unique aspects of your business.

Step - 3

Offer & Acceptance

Upon reviewing your financials, we aim to present an informal offer within 7 days. Should this align with your expectations, we then embark on the acquisition journey, typically spanning 3-6 months. This final phase is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition and a mutually beneficial agreement.

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